Alternative Final Thesis Defense Procedure

Alternative Final Thesis Defense Procedure
Due to the COVID 19 PANDEMIC

Due the COVID 19 pandemic, RST’s Research Office makes the necessary adjustments as to the conduct of the final thesis defense. This alternative thesis defense procedure is in no way a watering down of the standards or a simplification to achieve the objectives of this academic requirement for (MAT degree). It is only the process that is changed but not the standards nor the learning curve on the part of the students.
The following is the procedure for the final thesis defense.
1. Secure the approval of your thesis adviser to subject your research paper for final defense.
a. Download the document “Final Thesis Defense Submission Form” from the institution’s website: /research-forms.
b. Fill-out the form
c. As to the signature of your adviser you may secure his digital signature.
2. Submit to the following:
a. Thesis (final defense format) in pdf or in word format
b. Final Defense Submission Form
3. The research will be subjected to an authenticity validating app “Turnitin”
4. In place of the panel defense, your panelists will comment on the work. Their comments, to be submitted to the Research Office in written form, will be consolidated and presented back to the writers for revision.
5. Panelists will likewise grade the work based on the standards (cf. Writing Theology, Art., IV, “Research Processes and Procedures,” sec.2, 3.3.)
6. From this point forward, the processes and procedures for the Post Thesis Defense, will apply namely:
a. Incorporate corrections, suggestions, addenda and revisions made by the panelist during the final thesis defense.
b. Have the Thesis edited by a Language Editor.
c. Complete the necessary Introductory requirements prior to thesis binding
i. Title Page (use official RST Header)
ii. Endorsement Sheet (with RST official Header); SIGNED BY: Adviser,Terminal Paper Writing Supervisor, Dean of Studies, Rector
iii. Approval Sheet; SIGNED BY: Panel of Examinees: Chairman, Member, Dean of Studies and Rector
d. Submit 4 copies (Hardbound) to the Research, Planning and Development Office.
e. Submit also a digital file of your thesis (both in word and pdf formats)
f. Release of final thesis will be released upon the submission of the final thesis.
g. Submission of the completed research is within one (1) month after the feedback of the panelists are given to the researcher.

The following alternative final thesis defense format is not the rule. Its applicability will be determined by the Research Director based on prevalent necessities and circumstances like: availability of the panelist and time constraints, among others.

RST: Research Director