covid-19 no classes

March 13, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and government directives, there will be no classes until April 12, 2020. The “Theology days” and “Lakbay-aral” will be cancelled as well. Classes will resume on Easter Monday April 13, 2020.

The pandemic crisis should not stop us in our quest for understanding our faith in God. The students should continue doing their thesis and other assignments given by the professors. Please consult “Professor’s Nook” for updates, notes, and lectures coming from some professors. You can also stay in contact with the professors for some academic requirements for the entire month.

In lieu to the Covid-19 crisis, I encourage the professors to send notes or reading assignments to the RST students. You may email your notes or lectures to my email: and then we will upload it to the Professor’s Nook RST website.
There are possible options that you can utilize.
1. You can also send your notes to my secretary Christie Setarios:
2. Email your notes, lectures, reading assignments to the class beadle.
3. Utilize

If you have some inquiries and difficulties, please do not hesitate to call my office. Let us continue praying and believing in the guidance of God in overcoming the pandemic crisis. God bless!