Master of Arts in Theology

As a CHEd Recognized HEI

As an institution recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), the school offers a Master of Arts degree in Theology (MAT) with specializations in Church History and Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Biblical Catechesis, New Testament (Greek) Translation to Mother Tongue, Old Testament (Hebrew) Translation to Mother Tongue, and Augustinian Spirituality and Pedagogy.

The Master’s Degree is obtained by fulfilling forty-eight units of theological courses.  These are divided into nine (9) units of Basic Courses,  six (6) units of core courses, six (6) units of language courses, twenty one (21) units of major courses and six (6) units of Terminal Paper Requirement.

The Terminal Paper Writing Course may be fulfilled via a thesis program or a non-thesis program.   For those taking the non thesis route, they may fulfill the Terminal Paper requirement by any of the three possibilities:  Translation of a Church document, Two major term papers, or a Ministry Program (cf. Writing Theology:  A Research Manual of the Recoletos School of Theology, 2017).



Major in Moral Theology

Major in Old Testament (Hebrew) Translation to Mother Tongue

Major in Biblical Cathechesis

Major in New Testament (Greek) Translation to Mother Tongue

Major in Augustinian Spirituality and Pedagogy