A. Conduct of Online Classes

1. Classes shall proceed as scheduled and shall be delivered through online. The professors are advised to take advantage of the following learning platforms: RST website Professor’s Nook, ZOOM, Google Platform, and the like. The professors and students are to assure that they have internet connection and electronic devices.
2. On-line engagements can be directed to the office of the Dean.
3. Professors may deliver lectures live through online learning platforms or can be recorded and be disseminated to the students.
4. Professors are encouraged to be creative in delivering their lectures for better and flexible learning outcomes. They can send podcasts, video presentations, and other possible alternative learning processes.
5. Professors may choose to deliver their classes with limited number of students at RST physically and on-line simultaneously. This may be done especially to the Major subjects in lieu to the CBCP guidelines for seminary formation during COVID-19 pandemic # 2.

B. Conduct of Student Assessments

1. The professors may conduct online assessment of student learning through online learning platforms (.i.e. Google platform or ZOOM). They may also send the exams through [email protected] or [email protected]. The office of the dean will disseminate them to the students.
2. The professors may give short or long examinations ensuring that they adopt anti-cheating measures.
3. Professors are requested to give prelims and final grade for the students. They can email a scanned copy of their signed grading sheets to [email protected].
4. For thesis proposals and final defense please see “announcements section” for detailed guidelines. You can click this link:

C. Communication and Support Services

1. RST recommends the use of online and phone communication to monitor the following concerns:

i. The location and health status of professors, students, and RST staff.
ii. The conduct and engagement of online classes.
iii. The collaboration and suggestions on how to implement better the online classes in order to come up with quality outcomes.
iv. Academic advising to the students should be made available to the students.

2. Official transactions can be forwarded directly to the following email addresses:
i. Office of the Dean of Studies: [email protected]/ [email protected]
ii. Registrar’s Office: [email protected]
iii. Office of Research, Planning and Development: [email protected]

3. RST’s St. Augustine Library continues to be open but access is only limited to those who are residing at Recoletos Formation Center. If the student needs to do research at ST. Augustine library may make an appointment to the librarian and ensure to follow the section F policy (GCQ or “New Normal” health Advisory).

D. Plan Implementation for those on Mandatory Quarantine

1. Students who will be medically or officially advised to observe quarantine procedures for the appropriate number of days shall be considered on excused absence.
2. If they miss examinations for the quarantine period, they should be given a special exams or alternative online assessments.
3. If they miss classes, the professors should give online alternative teaching-learning activities.
4. Professors, students and personnel are required to observe 14-day mandatory quarantine in their homes if:
i. They have direct contact with COVID-19 positive patients or a PUI within the last 14 days.
ii. They have a travel history abroad or in affected places within the country.

E. Work Arrangements at RST

1. Professors and academic staff may continue to observe work-from-home arrangement. The personnel may be requested to work in the office should the need arises.

2. Study and work at RST shall start if the quarantine regulations will permit it. The RST admin will assure the cleaning and disinfection of work and learning spaces.

F. GCQ or “New Normal” health Advisory

1. All students and professors are advised to come to RST only if necessary.

2. No one should enter RST if you have the following:
a. Contact or exposure to a Covid-19 patient or a PUI with the last 14 days.
b. Flu-like symptoms like cough, colds, and fever.
c. No accomplish travel history Health Declaration Form from a hospital.
d. Not wearing masks.
e. Do not have hand sanitizer.
3. Practice physical distancing.
4. Entry to or exit from RST may be done through Mira-Nila main gate.
5. Students who will stay whole day at RST are advised to bring their own packed meals.

G. Admissions for SY 2020-2021

1. The entrance exams for the first years will be on June-July 2020. The exams will be conducted through the office of the Dean via Google platform. Follow this link for the exam procedure:
2. Pious unions and Diocesan Seminarians who will stay at RST should accomplish the admission requirements (RST website On “Admissions”) and should fulfill the section F policy (GCQ or “New Normal” health Advisory).

H. Enrolment

1. Enrolment proper at RST will be on August 24-29, 2020.
2. Download the enrolment forms from this weblink:
3. Email your accomplished enrolment forms to [email protected].
4. The schedule of classes will be posted online.

I. First Semester School Year 2020-2021

1. Regular classes will start on September 1, 2020. If the health emergency due to COVID-19 is not yet lifted, classes will resume as scheduled (see section A.1 Conduct of Online Classes)
2. The seminar classes will be on August 24-29 as the situation permits it.
3. The English Language Enhancement Program (ELEP) will be on August 10-21, 2020.
4. The Mass of the Holy Spirit will be online. It will be celebrated on September 7, 2020.