Please be informed the enrollment at RST will be on August 10-18, 2020.  You may follow the steps below if you wish to enroll. 

    1. Download the ENROLMENT FORM (2020 RST Online Enrolment Form for SThB/ MAT), the REGISTRATION FORM (2020 RST Online Registration Form), and the REQUIREMENTS’ COMPLETION FORM (2020 RST Online Requirements’ Completion Form) from the website: You can also access the same forms from your RST Facebook Group account.
    2. After filling up the FORMS (Enrolment Form, Registration Form, and Requirements’ Completion Form), rename each file by using this format: year level, choice of the academic program, and complete name (surname then first name), name of the form. Use the following codes to designate your year level: 1 (first year), 2 (second year), 3 (third year), 4 (transferees/returnees).


2SThBDelmundoRedentorRegistration (For Bachelor in Sacred Theology program)

3MATDelmundoRedentorEnrolment (For Master of Arts in Theology program)

      3.  Send your accomplished FORMS (enrolment, registration, and requirements completion) as PDF files to the Registrar    through this email address: