At the heart of the pursuit for knowledge, learning and wisdom every student of the Recoletos School of Theology is to appreciate this cool, silent, and holy place called the St. Augustine Library.  This learning space is named after a saint and a doctor of the Church to inspire every student of the Lord and the Word to continue the search for wisdom in order to eventually become like the Word.


The library is primarily for the use of students enrolled at Recoletos School of Theology. Such students avail of all the use and services of the libry. Non RST students may be allowed access for a fee. The following is the fee-scale: (a) Whole year--Php 1,000.00, (b) Monthly--Php 200.00, (c) Weekly --Php 100.00, Daily--Php 50.00.

The library maintains an open shelf policy. Researchers have access to the circulation and periodical sections. However, they are not allowed to re-shelf books and journals. They are to place already-read books and journals at the “books for re-shelving” bookstand located at the entrance of the circulation section.

Library users are always to log-in and log-out every library visit. This will help the library monitor the use of the library facility for reportorial purposes.

Silence in the library is sacred. It is the disciple inside the library. Likewise, eating and drinking have no place in the library. Bags are not allowed inside the reading and circulation sections, these are to be deposited at the luggage section found at the entrance of the library.

To access the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) services, researchers need to visit website and click Library from the menu and select “OPAC.  To access the e-books log-in to Researchers may use their own smartphones to access the OPAC and to locate their reading materials inside the circulation and periodical sections. Password is available from the library personnel and staff. Do not share the password to non-RST students.

Book borrowing is allowed for a period of one week (7 days) inclusive of holiday. Periodicals are not included. Delays in returning of borrowed books is fined at Php 5.00 per day per book.

At the end of the school year clearance will only be signed after the students comply all penalties and obligations.

Stealing a book and/or periodical will be dealt with the stiffest punishment of ban from library use.

Library Sections and Particular Policies

Luggage Section
This section is found adjacent to the library services counter. Students, upon entrance to the library, are to deposit their bags in the cabinets provided for such purpose. A student wishing to use privately a cabinet for one semester may do so for the fee of Two hundred pesos only. The library provides a padlock for his use.

Library Services Counter
Request for photocopying, printing, binding of resources, and book borrowing and returning are done in this counter. Library Staff and personnel are stationed in this counter to address concerns of the researchers.

Professors’ Book Reservation Shelf
This bookshelf within the Library Service Counter is dedicated to books and reading materials reserved by Professors for the courses of the current semester. These may be borrowed and are to be returned at the end of the day or after their use within the day. This is to give students taking the subject equal opportunity for the said required reading course materials.

Current Periodical Section
Unbounded periodicals are found in this section. Generally these are current or recent periodical releases. Students are much encouraged to read the material in this section for constant updating of recent theological issues.

Reading Section
Researchers are allowed reservations within this section. The reservation duration is only for one week unless one is in the process of writing thesis or translation work for MAT degree.

Computer Section
This section is dedicated for OPAC services and other research services. Social media access is not allowed unless related to research works.

Circulation Section
Students are highly encouraged to search for their reading materials within this section. Use of smartphones to search for reading resources is encouraged.

Periodical Section
This section holds the collection of subscribed journals and periodicals of the library. Bounded Journals and periodicals are arranged chronologically in this section. To access reading materials in this section please read the process and procedure on the Periodical Section.

Augustinian and Recollect Section
This section found in the inside part of the periodical sections is dedicated to St. Augustine and Recollect Studies collections. Likewise, a reading space is provided for studies and academic discussions.

Binding Section
This library service is located in the Atrium, at the basement of the Bulwagang Recoletos building. This office performs the binding of the journal and periodical collections of the library.

The Library Administrative Office
The library Administrative Office is found inside the library itself. This serves as the heart of the library operations from decision makings related to revisions of manual, purchase of new library resources, updating of OPAC services, receiving addressing of complains, resolution of suggestions and comments and other administrative considerations.

Processes and Procedures

Library Use
• Deposit bags at the luggage section,
• Fill-out the log-in book. There is no need to deposit the ID in the library.
• Upon leaving the library, show whatever things brought out from the library, even if these are personal belongings.
• Sign the log-out book.

Wifi Services
• Secure wifi password from any of the library staff,
• Do not share the password to any person not connected with RST or not enrolled at RST.
• The administrators reserve the right to change passwords as may be needed.
• Use the wifi services for research and for OPAC access; social media use is highly discouraged.

Borrowing and Returning of Books
To borrow books, the researcher is to present his ID and the intended books for borrowing to library staff at the library service counter. The library staff performs the book-borowing procedure through the library system and informs the researcher of the due date. Books borrowed should not be used inside the library otherwise they have to be returned first.

To return books, the researcher is to present his ID to the library staff. The staff performs the returning of book-process via the library system. If there are penalties incurred the researcher is immediately informed.

The books are to be left at the library service counter. The library staff will take charge in re-shelving the books.

Accession of Resources from the Periodical Section
• Access OPAC though
• Encode the title or theme for research in the OPAC,
• Know the title of the journal or periodical and determine the official journal code from which the article is written,
• Consult the Journal List Folder. This determines the shelf number the journal in question is to be found.
• Search for the shelf number assignment of the journal title.
• Search for the journal article intended by determining the volume and date of publication of the article.

Accession of Books from the OPAC
• Access OPAC though
• Encode the Book title or theme to search
• Search for the books in the circulation section of the library.

Library Management (2017)