A.    General Directives


1.All students enrolled in RST are required to comply with the provisions of the Student Handbook. They should familiarize themselves with its contents. Ignorance of any provision of the Handbook does not excuse any student from being sanctioned for non-compliance.

2.All students enrolled should respect practices in campus.

3.Students should be polite and courteous towards all persons within the school premises.

4.All students should present themselves prepared for each class.

5.Upon admission, students are issued original identification card (ID).

6.The loss of an ID should be immediately reported to the Dean’s Office.

7.Students are regarded as responsible individuals by the school from the time they are admitted. Consequently, it is the duty of students to keep themselves updated on their academic standing, the status of their attendance including the consequences of their failures and absences. Notices regarding these matters are sent by the school only by way of courtesy and do not relieve the students of their obligation. Ignorance on the part of the students of their academic standing may not be imputed to the school.

8.  The students’ registration in the school is considered an expression of their willingness to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth in this student’s Handbook. Every student therefore should be committed to the observance of these rules.

9.  Students are in the school primarily to achieve academic excellence and to develop themselves for service to others. They are expected to be mature and responsible, and to judiciously use all opportunities made available by the school.

10.Students are encouraged to use the library facilities. Likewise, they also encouraged to consult regularly with their faculty advisers and whenever necessary, with the Dean or anyone of the staff.

11.Students are encouraged to attend school functions as these form part of student life.

11.1 Students are encouraged to develop a deep reverence and respect for Christian and other religious practices in the school.

12.The Recoletos School of Theology has always considered extra-curricular activities and athletics as essential to the school. Therefore students should participate in these activities to the extent that their studies will allow. Formator’s consent is required for any out-of-campus activities approved by the school.  Forms are available at the office.

13.Students, as individuals or groups, should not use the name or seal of the school without the explicit authorization from the Dean. This also applies to printed programs, invitations, announcements, tickets and similar materials.