Core Values

Caritas, Scientia, et Sapientia


Nature and Objectives

            The Recoletos School of Theology is the academic component of Recoletos Formation Center.  In coordination with the team of professors RST offers the formands a three year theological curriculum that covers the six areas of Sacred Scriptures, Liturgy, Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology and Pastoral Theology, Church History and Canon Law, and organized according to the Augustinian principle (PF 321,322) with an unwavering fidelity to the Gospel message and the Church Magisterium.

            The Recoletos School of Theology also prepares and grants the formands the ecclesiastical title has Theology, RST grants a degree of Bachelor in Sacred Theology (SThB) according to the academic policies of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Manila.  Graduates of RST can then be admitted to the licentiate program of any Pontifical University.

            Recoletos School of Theology also affords the formands the opportunity to prepare themselves for their apostolate in the secular world by offering the graduates a civil title, Master of Arts in Theology.